Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fishes on Night Dive in Karystos

November 17th 2013

At night you can really approach fish and take good shots. Try it. 

I'm posting some pics taken in Karystos Eubeoa (just east of Athens) during a night dive my son (DZ) and our friend and top-instructor Thalia Nikitopoulou (Dikelas Dive Center) participated in. The site is located southeast of Karystos along the road to Bouros. We dove in waters that were only about 20 C but outside at 10:30 PM the temp had dropped down to about 14 C. 

Now about the fish and mollusks. Far less fish seen; but some interesting specimens. The White-spotted Octopus is not the usual or commonest of the octopi seen in the sea - it is called Melidona in Greek (Octapus macropus). I was really impressed with the Damsel Fish photo on the "colourful wall".  The last photo of a goby unidentified. This is how it should be - the sea full of mystery....

I encourage people to get out and take pics, explore and just be - in nature. 
The sea at night can really help.

(To see the pics better press so they enlarge)

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