Saturday, December 22, 2018

University of Patras Herbarium: a new Botanical Museum!

December 2018
University of Patras

We visited the opening of the new Botanical Museum at the herbarium rooms of the University of Patras (at Patras in Western Greece). The new professors and researchers established here have taken the initiative to re-furbish and turn the old archive to a brilliant little museum! Professors Dimopoulos, Panitsa and nature interpretation experts Vassilis Hatzirvassanis and Aris Vidalis with the help of students and friends have done a great job - and this should be GOOD NEWS both locally and beyond. And this will benefit the society of Patras and Greece as a whole - a new landmark for environmental education. Its such actions that go over-and-above the call of duty but remain a legacy for education and the environmental movement. 

We sincerely hope the Botanical Museum of the University of Patras be incorporated within a much larger Natural History Museum to include outdoor exhibits (the Botanical Garden) as well. Its a great revival! 

This is a tribute wall to the many older expert botanists (almost all foreigners) who collected in Greece. The numbers below show the new taxa described by each explorer - botanist from material collected in Greece.  
This is the herbarium case archives. 
This is the herbarium case archives, the panels here 'decorate' the herbarium shelves (on Left).

There were many pioneering botanists at the grand opening of the exhibit, here Dimitris Christodoulakis. 

The collection process explained. 

A collage of photos outlining the history of the Herbarium collections. 

The recent development of this exhibit is the brain-child of my friend Professor Panayotis Dimopoulos.

The well-developed themes are helpful for students of various levels of interest. Artwork by V. Hatzirvassanis.

Detail of the artwork by V. Hatzirvassanis.

More famous Botanists and other visiting scientists at the grand opening. 

The flora of Greece themed panel. 

Plant pressing and taxonomy.

Professer Maria Panitsa, at center with her students. 
Nicely lit panel. 
The humble entrance to the herbarium, with Vassiliki Vlami and our friend Ioannis P. Kokkoris, both associated with University of Patras conservation and research projects. 
And the full team credits for the new Botanical Museum. Congrats to all!


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