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Electrofishing Kosovo and a road-trip through North Macedonia

Could be in Noth Vancouver I know...
December 2017

Ok...its like being in Western Canada but only about a 1000 kilometers North of Athens Greece! Dimitri and I drove up to Kosovo last December and we had a wonderful time! Working with our friend Linda Grapsi from the University of Prishtina the a fish study in the upper White Drin river.

We spent the rainy weekend electrofishing, sightseeing and enjoyed the wonderful food. The people were warm and hospitable like Mediterraneans everywhere - the experience was fascinating for us.  We electrofished in wintry conditions on a tributary of the White Drin (near the town of Kline).The rivers here flood in spring - a very powerful freshet noticeable and alder woods and flood flows are everywhere.  The Drin being one of the largest river basins in the Balkans but its fauna is poorly studied. You need to consdider also that after the late '90s, the disastrous Balkan wars and many socio-politcal changes, little effort has been given to biodiversity research. The Drin is part of the Southeastern Adriatic Ecoregion, one of the poorest explored European Ecoregions....Our work was exploratory; many many questions still. The taxonomic challenges made species-level identification difficult (many of our fishes still have question marks besides their names).

We caught a lot of fish and shipped a lot of them down to Athens (with licence and a good cooperation with the university). We came back with a lot of cheap booze too (but don't do this- it is probably illegal). It was snowing on the drive back and the situation was getting near freezing, we really felt we should be going south. On the way back we had a look at the wonderful country of "North Macedonia" (I truly wish this name-conflict subsides! Please forgive me for branding this newly proposed name instead of the acronym FYROM, for us Greeks, Macedonia is still such a touchy issue - lets get over it!). Exploring our neighbouring republic to the north is fantastic. What a amazing river the Axios/Vardar is!  We saw the Vardar at its birthplace in southern Kosovo and then followed it down to the sunny Thermaikos Gulf.

We promised we will be back; we are organizing a re-visit soon.

Here we share some snap shots and a compilation of field aquarium fish photos taken at the sampling sites.

My friend Linda and my son Dimitri with Albanian colleagues in the background. Expedition style!
Note the density of plastics in the trees behind us...

In conditions like this, even three nets are not enough! 

Trying to catch fish is not easy in winter.
Note the in-filled river bank; debris and rubble from the war back in 1999. 

Another site on the Klina river, water up, floods are common here. Woods are alder Alnus glutinosa.
The old man near a rushing river: reminds me of the valleys near Vancouver again. This is one of the huge karstic springs of the White Drin.

Yes these are the western Balkans, but with alder and lots and lots of rain - it could be anywhere on a temperate west coast. This upper stretch of the river is a trout zone (only Trout and Minnows present- waters always cold). 

Dimitri and Linda on a clear cold river. Note the extensive amout of war rubble and construction-site debris!  This is not just unplanned sloppiness; it is the result of war. And it is disturbing. Sampling using electricity near bombed bridges was not particulary safe....
But the rewards of fishing here...a selection of collected fishes near the Nora Hotel near Kline town, on the  mid-section of the upper White Drin.  A. Alburnoides ohridanus (sprilin, Juvenile); B. Alburnoides ohridanus (spirlin, Adult), C. Rhodeus cf. amarus (bitterling), D. Squalius platyceps (chub), E. Salmo fariodes (trout), F. Pachychilon pictum (moranec), G. Gobio skadarensis (gudgeon, Juvenile), H. Gobio skadarensis (gudgeon, Adult). Taxonomy will be soon confirmed using genetic screening.

Selection of collected fishes on the upper White Drin. A. "Barbus cf. rebeli/balcanicus" (barbel); B. Barbatula sturanyi (stone loach) at Site 3; C. Alburnus scoranza (bleak) at Site 1, D. Alburnus scoranza (bleak) (large-sized adult), E. Phoxinus cf csikii (minnow), F. Phoxinus cf csikii (minnow, adult female), G. Phoxinus cf csikii (Minnow, Juvenile at 'fry' stage), H. Salmo fariodes (trout) showing extensive skin disease (Adult). Taxonomy will be soon confirmed using genetic screening.

Selection of collected fishes on the upper White Drin. A. Squalius platyceps (chub, adult) at Site 2; B. Chondrostoma cf. ohridanus (nase, adult) at site 2; C. Chondrostoma cf. ohridanus (nase)  at site 3 (Juvenile); D. Sabanejewia balcanica (loach, juvenile) at Site 2, E. Pachichylon pictum (moranec) at site 2.  F. Salmo fariodes (trout) at Site 2. , G. Gobio skadarensis (gudgeon) at site 2. Taxonomy will be soon confirmed using genetic screening.

Somewhere in NW Kosovo.
Typical roadside scene in the upper Vardar Valley in Kosovo very close to the 'North Macedonian' border.

Huge albanian flage on the Kosovar side of the Kosovo-'North Macedonian' border.
The Vardar in North Macedonia. 

The Vardar in North Macedonia. 

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