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Wold Fish Migration Day- 21st April 2018_Rafina River Results!

Results of World Fish Migration Day in Greece

April 21st 2018, Rafina, Attika Greece.

Our event was short but powerful. We had more than 35 participants including school kids and seniors and several more curious people dropping by throughout the two hour electrofishing and "wild aquarium" display.

After electrofishing just a 15 m. stretch of the stream, we set up two field aquariums to show-off the catch. And what a display it was!!!

Within minutes our team of experts set up some fantastic looking "wild aquariums" that hosted four fish species: two mugilids (mostly thick-lipped grey mullet Chelon labrosus), some huge eels and the river blennies. The last fish, Salaria fluviatilis, is a newly discovered species for Attika, a very important find for the Rafina River!

We also saw some fantastic birds and enjoyed unique urban river scenes. This river is a prime opportunity for restoration and conservation education.

Just some pics of the event...

Electrofishing a short stretch of the lower Rafina River (Photo by Antonis Lazaris). 

Wild aquarium set up.

Everybody participating in the photography. 
The aquarim became a high-point of interest (Photo: Haris Vavalidis).

For some little ones....a peak experience (Photo: Haris Vavalidis).

Thick-Lipped Grey-Mullet, Chelon labrosus. 

We caught five wonderful European eels, Anguilla anguilla, one was about 70 cm long!

This is THE DISCOVERY OF THE DAY. A adult male Freshwater Blenny, Salaria fluviatilis. 

Freshwater Blenny, Salaria fluviatilis in black-and-white. Amazing fish.

Freshwater Blenny, Salaria fluviatilis, female.
This is what the 'wild aquarium' looked like at the end of the catch. The fish where releaseed within an hour (photo: Manos Sperelakis).

Detail of the wild aquarium (Photo: Manos Sperelakis).

Us catching eels with the trusty Smith-Root 24L Backpack Electrofisher (400 V, 50 hz, 1% duty cycle; freshwater conditions). Photo: Manos Sperelakis.
Rafina river.
Rafina river.

Rafina river.

The event was also hosted in 2014 in Vravrona, see:

And see the invitation for this years event at:
and at:

552 such events took place this year on the 21st of May in over 60 countries. An impressive statement for protecting and restoring rivers. 


We thank the World Fish Migration Day organization team for the event inspiration and structuring and hope to continue our collaboration, even bigger and better.

I thank my HCMR colleagues who participated: Giannis Kapakos, Giannis Leris, Manos Sperelakis, Haris Vavalidis. The members of the local municipality, especially Municipal Board Member Andreas Vassilopoulos and the local environmental committee fighting to save Rafina River - especially Emmanuela Terzopoulou and Antonis Lazaris.

From L to R: Yours, Giannis Leris, Anonymous Local, Andreas Vassilopoulos, Haris Vavalidis, Giannis Kapakos (Photo: Manos Sperelakis).

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