Saturday, August 26, 2017

Streams of Mount Ochi Expedition 2017 (Part 1)

Agios Dimitrios river (Porphyras river) in the Gorge.

August 19th and 20th. Karystos, Evia.

The Mount Ochi Area is a protected Natura 2000 site about 60 Km due east of Athens on the island of Euboea (Evia). This area is not a protected area just out of conicidence, or any other reason, it combines landmark wonders and spectacular nature. The scenery, diversity and uniqueness is unparraleld. I can say this for several reasons: a) I have travelled around the Aegean for many years, and b) I hold this place very close to my heart, some of my ancestors lived there. 

Here I share just a selection of photos from our recent HCMR expedition to Southern Euboea (Evia) - the first trip (two days) of two expeditions. Four of us had a wonderful time working in the rivers and streams - sampling fishes, zoobenthic invertebrates, vegetation and landscape conditiosn.

We thank the local NGO ΣΠΕΝΚ (Society for the protection of Nature in Karystos) for supporting our expedition.


In 2007 we did something similar and are eager to compare the waters 10 years later; and the changes. See our old summery report here:


Schinodavilia Beach, Agios Dimitrios Gorge.
Sample of benthic water invertebrates collected a the  Agios Dimitrios Gorge site (Photo by Anastasia Lampou).

Schinodavilia Beach, Agios Dimitrios Gorge.

At LenoseiVillage in the Dimosaris Gorge.

Site above the Bridge at Dimosaris River, below Kallianou viallage (at the Hippy Camp).

Kostas Aristeidou's underwater photos of River Blennies at Dimosaris river (from last year). 

Kostas Aristeidou's underwater photos of River Blennies at Dimosaris river (from last year). 

Our River blennies from the Hippy Camp site - at the Dimosaris River.

Kallianou Beach, Dimosaris river. 
Talking with the locals at the Dimosaris river mouth (Photo by Anasatasia Lampou).

Komito river at Dipotama in the Cavo D'Oro. Site had Otter (Lutra lutra) in 2007 and again this year!!! Also many river blennies, eels, grey mullets. 

Thicklip Grey Mullet Chelon Labrosus

Dice Snake Natrix tesselata. First record for the area - I had neglected the species (found at Agios Dimitrios, Dimosaris, Komito). 

Komito river at Dipotama in the Cavo D'Oro. 
Seine fishing at the Komito River mouth at Dipotama (Photo by Anastasia Lampou).

Platanistis river at Potami. 

Platanistis river at Potami. 

Thicklip Grey Mullet Chelon Labrosus

River blenny - male from Platanistos River.

River blenny - female from Platanistos River.

Lala river, near river-mouth with Mount Ochi towering above Karystos.

Lala river, near river-mouth. 

Lala river, river-mouth and Karystos Bay. Lots of otter sign here (!!) 
Finally also thanks to my Friend Kostas Aristeidou (Cyprus) for use of his photos of the underwater photos of river blennies from the Dimosaris river.