Sunday, May 29, 2016

Meteora_Late spring nature walk

May 29th 2016 

Thessaly is a wonderland for nature in Greece.
We've been staying in Portaria Pelion above Volos a couple of days (a much needed rest near Athens and Volos - a home for our son now). Quick midday drive to Meteora.  Just Roussanou Monastery and a look around. A wonderful trail walk from Kastraki Village and then a drive back to Portaria through the Thessaly Plain; quick stop at the Enipeas-Pinios river confluence near Farkadona (near Keramidi Village).

Some snapshots shared here.

Spend just a 5' on an umbellifer....

Bats roosting in a crack in the new Keramidi Bridge (Photo: Jay Manolis). These look like Serotine Bats Eptesicus serotinus.

Paliogefyra: The old medieval bridge between Keramidi and Vlochos on the Enipeas river.

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