Saturday, August 29, 2015

Lamari Stream on Euboea: A temporary stream

The stream after rain and five days later

Lamari Stream Euboea. 22 and 28 August 2015

Euboea (or Evia) is an island just east of Athens; it is a microcosm of Greece. 
An escape for lots of Athenians is a free-camping spot known as Chiliadou. Chiliadou - pronounced "hiliadou" - is just over Mount Dirfis - on the central east coast of the long island. It takes me two and a half ours of easy driving to reach it. A wonderful aspect is that you actually climb a mountain with Greek firs and rock buntings and then descent to an oceanic coastline that almost resembles an exotic windward oceanic island.

I recently took my son and his two friends there for free camping (just dropped them off at a camping site and left). It was immediately after a long night rain. They spent five days. Lamari stream, with its intermittent stretch near the sea was flowing full force – ten meters wide and brown on the 22nd of August. Five days later, when I returned to pick them up, the same spot was bone dry.

The sea was influenced by the Lamari stream plume – the shallows were totally turbid! Its colour was a chalkish brown-blue. There was also a oceanic swell, not conducive for snorkeling. The teenagers had a good stay, I recommend it. 

Some snapshots follow:

22 August

 28 August 

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