Thursday, June 4, 2015

EcoFlow Seminar: Streams of Attika

Valanaris stream - Megalo Rema Rafina Basins - Eastern Attika
 June 4th 2015. Visiting two streams for field instruction on EcoFlow techniques in Attika 

I post some snapshots of our field day. Thanks to Francisco Martinez-Capel and all participants. This day was the end of our three day seminar. I hope the many outdoor classrooms stay open and well preserved. We would like to use them more frequently!

Valanaris stream near Pikermi, a tributary of the Megalo Rema Rafinas. This is just upstream of Taigetou Bridge almost within the suburb of Dioni on the lower slopes of Mount Penteli at 170 m. a.s.l.
Oleander and rushes; glides and low step rapids.

Reed cane and young Oriental Plane. Water: Drinkable.
Surveying the topographic profile of the stream and its riparian edge.
Excellent outdoor classroom: Just upstream of the Taigetou Bridge site.

Paco instructing us.
A very shallow near-intermittent stream.
Valanaris just downstream of the medieval weir
Medieval weir at Valanaris, water works abstraction taking water to former farmed fields.
Erassinos river near Ancient Vravrona. Very degraded.
Erassinos river. No riparian buffer, unshaded, eutrophic, silty. Small schools of fishes spotted. 

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