Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Alyki Anavissou in Attika: Is it a wetland?

May 5th Anavissos Attika 

Aliki Anavissou (Alyki Anavissos) is a wetland!  It is located 50 KM south of Athens on the very dry southwest coast of the Peninsula of Attika, just before Sounion.

It was once a functioning saltworks and has been abandoned for decades. The abandoned land has regenerated, into marsh meadows, temporary pools, rough grasslands and scattered tamarisk brushlands. This year there were rains.

I visited when most of the water has evaporated away. But it was still very beautiful, full of promise. Ecological potential.

In a forty minute walk I took these spring pics, some great video and counted about 18 species of birds. The rushbeds glowing greeen, water buttercups filling up ponds, muddy spots and tiny shallow pools with the first green toads hopping about. What a beautiful start to a morning, just before work in the office.

For more information on this important conservation story download our presentation about it:
HCMR presentation on Alyki Anavissou


  1. Your photos are beautiful!

  2. Your photos are beautiful!

  3. Its not the photos its the camera...Also...spring in the Western Aegean. The light!