Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Nature Park Proposal: Phaliriko Delta - Athens - in Maps

April 2015

Most European capital cities have a wealth of maps - old maps - fascinating documentation of landscape change. Well in the area of the Delta of the Kifissos and Ilissos rivers we do have this kind excellent documentation. A marsh has existed down there and it was a well known wildlife spot for hunters and naturalists since antiquity. 

Here I post some maps, and some modern ones also. 

1785: Extensive wetland area within the Delta of the Kifissos and Ilissos rivers at Phaleron Bay. Athens was a village then. 

Late 18th Century: Note the caption "Marsh of Phalerum" in the Phaliriko Delta area.

Late 19th century map showing Phaleron Bay with the rivers Kifissos, extensive coastal wetlands and dunes. 
Map from Google Earth (recent photo) with the red line showing access route to the area (By St. Bourdakis)
Proposed "City Park" park plan for the Moschato Coast. The idea was to build in a multiple-use multi-themed park with expensive features (pools, walkways, much concrete).

The rivers of Athens. Map showing the ones that are still open (dark) and the ones that are totally covered up (light line). Publisher unknown.

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