Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Nature Park Proposal: Meeting at the Phaliriko Delta Athens

Monday April 6 2015

We decided to meet on this evening in order to decide what to do, if we have any chances to help build a nature park at the river-mouths of the Ilissos and Kifissos river in Athens. Members of the Hellenic Ornithological Society and the local HOS Caretaker, two of us from HCMR and local activists from the neighbourhood areas got together.

The photos show a positive feeling. We even had some time to count some birds; tallied just 18 species, including a Cetti's Warbler that I herd by the river (the legendary Ilissos river!). Anyway, it was worth the get-together. (See: conservation can be a social experiance...).

After this I decided to fix my second facebook group, please have a look (in Greek):

Phaliriko Delta - Moschato Coast

I wish us luck.

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