Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Inland Waters Issue in Mediterranean Marine Science: Call for papers!

Inland Waters Issue 2015

I am very pleased to assist in announcing the following:

Mediterranean Marine Science will begin publishing an Inland Waters issue and is seeking outstanding original research and reviews dealing with inland waters ecosystems (fresh, brackish waters, wetlands and riparian zones). Preferred articles would be high standing scientific research beyond the local scale; these would also include aquatic biota, resource management and conservation issues.

Some of the important distinctions of this open-access scientific journal:
  • The journal Mediterranean Marine Science is published semi-annually by the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, HCMR, Greece's largest public research institution for marine and aquatic sciences.
  • First published in 2000, replacing "Thalassographica", the journal published between 1976 and 1992 by HCMR's predecessor, the Institute of Oceanographic and Fisheries Research. 
  • It has been published online since 2000 by HCMR and from 2013 its electronic edition.
  • The journal is abstracted and indexed in WoS (Web of Science, ISI Thomson), SCOPUS and in Aquatic Science and Fisheries Abstract (ASFA). The content of MMS is indexed by ELSEVIER and archived in CITEFACTOR. 
Some advantages in publishing at HCMR's prestigious journal:
  • The Journal is one of Greece's very few scientific journals that has an international standing and its IMPACT FACTOR is at 1,7 for 2013
  • There is no cost in publishing (no publishing fee).
  • The journal Mediterranean Marine Science is published semi-annually by the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR). 
  • Depending on the quality and completeness of the submitted manuscript, a paper can be accepted within 4 weeks of submission and published online in the journal as soon as the review process is completed. 
Specifically for HCMR's first Inland Waters Issue

  • Manuscripts must follow all specifications for submission and processing as in Mediterranean Marine Science and be e-mailed to the Journal. All manuscripts must be in English, preferably proofed by a native English-speaking colleague, before submission. English language must be perfected for publication.
  • Four handling editors will contribute to the processing of submission; each issue is expected to have between 10 and 15 contributions.
  • Manuscripts must be original work and can only be submitted by registering to the journal’s online system. Any communication about this must be directed to the online processing centre of the journal (see below).
  • Manuscripts for the 2015 Inland Waters Issue should be submitted to the journal office before June 1st 2015.
Please visit the Journal's website: 

Most readers of this blog may not be aware that the scientific publishing world is a complicated and competitive enterprise. It is also usually a very expensive undertaking. Mediterranean Marine Science is free open access journal with a very high Impact Factor for its short life span and very specialized research themes. However, due to the high demand for publishing there is a very high rejection rate; but please do not be put off by this. The development of the open-access online edition of Mediterranean Marine Science is possible through projects co-funded by the European Union and the Greek State. Since HCMR is a major public research centre it is a privilege to see this continue. Since we believe that publishing of high-quality science should be free-access and accessible to all, we should support this initiative. 

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