Monday, December 22, 2014

Agia Triada Cave (Karystos Greece), Summer of '85

A friend from the past has sent us these pics taken back in the summer of 1985. What an amazing surprise! They are during the 'exploration phase' of my career in Karystos. I was only 15 years old but enjoying long languid summers at my village in Lala on the island of Euboea (Evia). I lived in Athens for three years back in my teens, but was a frequent visitor to Karystos. I was always happy to meet other inquisitive naturalists, and these shots were taken by young Biology students who visited me. We embarked on a 7 hour exploration of Agia Triada Cave - the region's deepest wildest and most spectacular underworld wonder. Walking bare-foot along the riparian woods outside the cave we discussed wildness and nature. I wish all kids could have summers like that.

At the time I was deep into the birds. This is my first research piece published in the newsletter of the Hellenic Ornithological Society: Zogaris Birds of Karystos

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