Friday, October 17, 2014

HCMR Fisheries Meeting in Athens

October 17th 2014.
Fisheries in Greece: Patterns, Trends, Perspectives

A public information meeting organized by our Fisheries Department of IMBRIW (Institute of Marine Biological Resources and Inland Waters) – HCMR*

Impressive day, although I arrived late, at noon.... I have never before been to a public meeting where 30 distinguished scientists and experts gave a summary of their work within a open-to-the-public day-event. And I am sure this is a first of its kind for fisheries in Greece: where the issue focused on describing a truly problematic national fisheries situation. Greece's fisheries and the sea's biological riches have severe problems and face severe threats. So this meeting was a real 'marine environmental gift'.

It was a resounding success. The amphitheater hall at the Hellenic Ministry of Environment on Mesogeion street in Athens was chalk full with fish-interested people. The meeting begun at about 9:00 and ended nearly on time, at about 18:30. It was impressive, how many people were so engaged in what these odd scientists and environmentalists had to say. And we also heard from major NGOs and a fisher's prospective as well. All in a very long day.

I'm sorry I have a limited selection of photos; but here's what I did in snap-shot form. Apologies for the quirky commentary; I am trying to be humorous! 

HCMR legends Kavadas (at L) and Machias (way to the R).

NGO environmentalist Ms Roumelioti  (far Left) mentions the highly charged word "overfishing"!!

Smith of HCMR - Crete (on Left) discovered "deep and sensitive ecosystems".... excellent presentations - no kidding!.
Seriously dressed Vassilopoulou (of HCMR) and Tsikliras (A.Univ.Thessaloniki) facilitated a fast-paced organization. (Sorry I don't know the pretty lady's name at Left).
Maravelias of HCMR commented on species biomass declining ("look at black line" [below]...).
Excellent PPT slide by Maravelias. Really one of the best presentations - bravo!
Standing room only even after midday at the Ministry of Environment Amphitheater on a Friday.

Some well-known faces and youth too in the audience: Yes most are scientists and immediate research stakeholders.
Tsikliras (AUT) and Moutopoulos (Messolonghi Tech Univ) on Righ with the MIKE. Young Greeks who know fisheries well. 
Stergiou (our Director) with big fish fisheries expert Tserpes (HCMR Crete, at Right). 

Koutsikopoulos (Univ. Patras), Fafouti (newspaper lady from Vima Science), Machias, Stergiou, Tserpes.
Zannes from the island of Andros. A fisherman who really knows how to express overfishing impacts.
Zannes: "I'm not doing it for the environment, its for myself, my kids". Eloquent speech by the 'Fisherman'. 

*Our Institute of Marine Biological Resources and Inland Waters has two sections (or departments I would like to say): "Fisheries" and "Inland Waters": check us out at:

HCMR stands for Hellenic Centre for Marine Research; it is a public research organization, so anything I say in this blog represents only my personal views and interpretations, nothing to do with my day job. Thanks.

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