Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dikelas Night Dive at Karystos

Mid August 2014 Karystos, Euboea Island Greece

Best ecotour experience: A night dive!
For youths, to break-free of civilization as-we-know-it, nothing compares to night diving. On this dive Thaleia and Artemis of the Dikelas Dive Center in Karystos guided a team of five – two of us included a 12 year old Constantine and my 17 year old Dimitri.

Just 10 minutes speed-boating southeast of Karystos: Waves rocking, dizzy– until we were set free outside, go under, GO!

We actually did two dives one before sunset, one at about 22:00; 40 minutes each; down to 24 m depth. But behind the snap-shot flashes and filming was an eerie trance, beckoning kids across ages. Overwhelming and mysterious pelagic majesty.

You do not feel fear, but awe and out-of-this world scenes flood new experiences. The lights exaggerate the alien feeling. The same scene two hours ago was totally different.

The numbers of fishes at night are much lower, but some really interesting encounters take place; a menacing Moray Eel, several octopi, larger-than life breams, bright red cardinal-fish and scorpionfishes, sleeping rabbitfish, varied patterned parrotfish, amazing colours everywhere.

I highly recommend this gift to any family.

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