Sunday, July 20, 2014

"Reference river" in Epirus Greece

Three mega-sized West Balkan Trout in a river pool 3.5 m. deep (!!!)  in the Aoos river basin. Ok, they like deep flowing waters....

July 19th 2014 Epirus Northwest Greece

What are reference conditions for for fish community in the the Balkan mountain rivers? The 'natural conditions', conditions of complete integrity. And how do these fish behave under natural conditions, what exact habitat requirements do they have? Ok. Lesson finished.

To learn more... Spend some time snorkeling in a protected river like this one in Northern Pindos National Park. My colleagues Rafael Munoz Mas and Christina Papadakis are doing an amazing job finding the trout, studying behaviour, locating habitat preferences, and recording parameters (hydrological, and microhabitat). It is really hard work, but...paradise for a potamologist. Great project!

I dedicate this post to the West Balkan Trout Salmo fariodes of the Aoos river basin, what an amazing fish!

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