Sunday, July 27, 2014

Biel and Tan: Flora of Samothraki (2014)

Sunday 27th of July 2014

Just published:

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I consider this book a wonderful gift to our culture and to our beautiful island. On behalf of the Samothraki Nature Observatory team I want to thank the authors, the Publisher and the Goulandris Museum of Natural History.

The book is an act of love for nature. A natural history work that is well executed and clearly defined in building a list: Samothraki's first near-complete floral list. The book does a very general description of the vegetation but focuses more on the flora. And it shows how much more the island can give to naturalists, it is still not completely explored territory. There is so much there that needs to me charted, described, interpreted, protected. Thanks so much to the authors for their wonderful work!

I will be surveying on Samothraki (the riparian woodland assesment, fishes and the wetlands)  in the next few days, if anyone is on the island who would like to meet with our Samothraki Nature Observatory team - please call on me! 

To order this book?

You can order this book directly from the Goulandris Natural History Museum of Kifissia in Greece. The book costs per piece 50, - €. There are shipping costs of 16.50 € to. Send your order by e-mail to Mr. Papazoglou Vassilis  or Ms. Vasso Koussoula 

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