Friday, June 6, 2014

Kuwait: Diving in the Arabian Gulf

Road near Khairan, southern Kuwait.

June 6th 2014

First to "North Marker" at Um Al Maradim, then to "Donkey Reef" near Khairan in Southern Kuwait. 

The first dive ('80 mins) was in a rather shallow part of the upper reef near the piling (down to 12 m.). On the descent we usually see Teira Batfish and beautiful Long-fined Bannerfish on the lighthouse pole structures. The reef looked like it was in pretty good shape; plenty of fish. On the sand flat a big stingray (perhaps a young Taeniura meyeni). A new species for me here is the Striped Cardinalfish, otherwise common (in other Gulf Countries to the south).

Second dive was near Khairan. Shallow, down to about 6 m. This place is called "Donkey Reef" by the British, perhaps its the large boulder-like formations of corals on the reef slope that may have inspired this. It was amazingly turbid (visibility maybe 4 m at best). The awe-inspiring thing here were the whirling schools of trevallies and small barracuda, and generally many groups of small fishes. And a ofcourse a goby I cannot identify.

So much to see, so much to share.

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