Saturday, June 7, 2014

Kuwait: 'Clear water" reef !

June 7th 2014

In a desert country, in summer - the sea is paradise. We went off to a familiar reef far off-shore; at a clear-water spell between tidal surges. Of course, many Kuwaiti recreation boats joined us, not all were hooked up on bouys. Its so sad to see so much anchor damage in paradise. This is why I am not giving out place-names. Those who know Kuwait will recognize this location, it has recently become popular. 

This reef is really unique since it is so extensive and has a steeply loping reef-slope with layears of reef formations in theater-like sea-scapes. Acropora (stag-horn coral) is much more abundant and covers much more area than any other reef in this country. It is incredibly rich in fishes - relative to other reefs. In two dives today I talleyed 43 fish species; several species not seen in near-shore reefs. Here in the outer reefs there are wonderful Gulf Parrotfish and Bullethead Parrotfish and more 'southern' reef elements such as Arabian butterflyfish, colourful blennies, damsels, lionfish etc. that are scarce or unknown nearshore. I have been told that parrot fish are vary susceptible to spear-fishing and were once more widespread. 

But the most amazing thing today, on the first dive, was the clearity of the water. About 13 meters I think. Of course visibility here changes through the day with tidal movements, weather etc. so conditions like this are considered exceptional. 

Beautiful, no other word. And I saw my first Sea Snake today (sorry no pic of that yet!). 


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