Monday, February 24, 2014

Sperchios River: KRIPIS Project begins!

Alburnoides sp. Sperchios - A local endemic to the river, now being described! (Photo by D. Koutsogiannopoulos).

February 2014

David Koutsogiannopoulos and I did some electrofishing in the Sperchios river basin - a river basin about 2 and something hours north of Athens. This was practically one of the first field reconnaissance trips for a new ambitious project initiated by HCMR on the Sperchios (the KRIPIS project). The river basin, its delta and the marine waters of the Gulf will be the object of an in depth study for the next one-and-a-half years. The area is worth it: A hive of biodiversity richness and a biogeographical crossroads - its waters are still poorly studied. And it is in need of careful monitoring and conservation management too. Good luck to the project! And good luck to the fish!

All photos taken by David Koutsogiannopoulos on February 21st 2014, at one tiny spot in the lower Sperchios Drainage.

Barbus sperchiensis - a small barbel distantly related to Barbus cyclolepis - unique to Thessaly and the Northern Euboicos drainages. (Photo by D. Koutsogiannopoulos).

Pungitius hellenicus - one of the words most range restricted fishes - found only within 4 sq. km. in the lower Sperchios wetlands. (Photo by D. Koutsogiannopoulos).

Pelasgus marathonicus- a species originally restricted to the Western Aegean drainages. (Photo by D. Koutsogiannopoulos).

Rutilus sp. Sperchios. Yet another unique fish of the drainage - related to Rutilus ylikiensis. (Photo by D. Koutsogiannopoulos).

Squalius vardarensis - an element of the Vardar ecoregion in the Western Aegean drainage of the Sperchios. (Photo by D. Koutsogiannopoulos).

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