Friday, July 26, 2013

Industrial redemption_bringing back nature in the city...

My mentor Kevin Bell (formerly at Lynn Canyon Ecology Center) shown  leading elder college students on a walk in a wetland that took a lot of work to save and restore - Vancouver, Canada (North Shore News Photo 2013).

26th July 2013

It was about 34 C today here in Athens and a colleague and I were walking a river survey at Pikrodaphne Stream. Sections of the small stream were polluted, disgustingly putrid. It was hard to dream of change in such a trashed stream - so densely bordered by concrete and towering apartment blocks.

Pikrodaphne was not a pretty site for a sensitive person (I am not one of them). It was also rather "sad" that  3 out of 4 people who talked to us said they would want the river "cleaned-up, covered-up, or disinfected".

And today, I remembered our passion back in Vancouver in the mid and late '80s when we were doing all we could to "save" and restore places in the industrial corner of Vancouver's great harbour. Wow... We've seen a lot of shit, I thought. And I am proud to have travelled down Vancouver's inlet and into Pikrodaphne stream. Restorationists build on hope.

See the Maplewood Flats restoration story at:

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