Saturday, July 6, 2013

HCMR at Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences, Muenster Germany.

Water bodies: artifiical or heavily modified - just outside of Muenster Germany (photo near Airport)

June 30th to July 7th 2013

Freshwater ecosystems in Europe have suffered extreme technical changes and degradation. Much is being done to restore and protect nature in freshwaters and scientific research is vital in order to design, apply technology, enforce policy and develop talent that is capable of saving our waters, effectively and efficiently.

My Greek colleagues, Nikos and Ioannis (from HCMR), Dimitra (from EKBY) and my partner and I took trip to Muenster Germany. Location of the SEFS 8th big symposium. The week-long scientific showcase brought together over 400 experts and top academics - a very productive meeting. For me it was the best gathering of its type that I have ever experienced in Europe. Here, I post some snapshots of presentations, expert panels, special people, and me-among-them. We were also fortunate enough to have our own Med-Net meeting at the symposium- an effort to create a network of river-experts in the Mediterranean countries. I hope the many new-friends-made will keep in close touch!

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German restoration experts explain large-scale river projects.

Excellent "Fish and the City" analysis given by Cornelia.

Packed plennary talk in excellent three-screen auditorium.

Learned the word "Indicandum".... One of the Plenary Lectures.

Brian Moss: Best speaker ever!

Brian Moss: I invited him to visit us down here.

Me, showing-off again with lots of fish pics.

Great presentation from Australia.
With my friend Deniz Innal from Burdur.

Meric Albay, Fisheries Faculty Dean (at L) and top-notch Turkish Scientists at our beer-drinking night-out.
Spanish and/or Catalans - one of the best freshwater teams in Europe.
With the help of Klement Tockner and Sergi Sabateur (upper L) our first Med-Net meeting.
From one of the field trips (Photo by my Armenian colleague Marine Dallakyan)
German summer beer-garden conditions at symposium lunches.
With Anthony Maire from ECOLab-UMR 5245-CNRS. Excellent french fish science!
Ioannis with top-scientific superstars Nuria Bonada and Astrid.
Nikos, Jonathon Marshal (from Australia) and friends can't stop talking about rivers...
Excellent show given by the Portuguese river groups; great to meet Paulo Branco (at center) !
Lots of flirting over scientific topics during lunch and coffee breaks.
Four Greeks taking a break from back-to-back sessions.
The very industrious Daniel Herrig gives prise to Turkish student for her poster.
 Dimitra Kemitzoglou from EKVY with Vasso during a break.
From Moss's great talk.
Discussing collaborations with Filipa Filipe and Nuria Cid Puey at the bar.
Nikos Skoulikidis and friends prepare for a night out after the symposium.
Dinner with dozens of freshwater people; and Nikos, Ioannis, Vasso.
With my friend Jorg Freyhof, one of Europe's top fish-experts.
Nikos Skoulikidis introduces Med-Net concept to a small elite core-group.
Lots of German students - great interactions at talks.

Movenpick Hotel Entrance, we stayed at the Tryp Hotel.

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