Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fish sampling in Kalamas, Louros, Arachthos, Evinos, Mornos

The Kremasta Reservoir, one of Greece's largest (Acheloos River); some of its shores are truly wild!

Mid July 2013

A week-long journey through the western part of Greece for a strategic multi-tasked fish sampling campaign with support from friends and organizations both from within and abroad. Our HCMR and Czech National Museum expedition - this is the third time we work together. Once again Greece amazes me. The beauty of the landscape and its aquatic biodiversity. We are working long-hours, on low-budget but having a great time. I want to thank members of the Kalamas-Acheron Management Body, the many locals who help us on the road, and my friends from the Czech Republic who help make the trip possible. Using electrofishing equiptment we catch these fishes, count them up, photograph them. We are documenting distribution, and doing samplings for water management as well. But the fish are the stars here... Many are unique evolutionary significant populations, many are rare, few people know about them. Thats why I take pics. At least this make us happy.

One of my favorites, a River Blenny high above Kremasta Dam.

Loaches fascinate anyone who has visited an aquariam shop...

This mountain fish, the small-sized barbel is a sentinal species of rocky streams.

This colourful fish is an Epiros Riffle Dace: three different lineages exist in Greece.

Princess of the cold-waters: West Balkan Trout.

Taking pics of two West Balkan Trout on the beautiful Evinos

The Evinos at Banias Bridge, seven species of fish here!

Fishing with the "Tickler" on the heavily-modified Arachthos.

With our guides at the Kalamas Delta.

Happy, on the Fragistorema, a spot we last surveyed back in 2004.

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