Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Walking for wildlife: A fantastic logo!

Tristan is planning for a 4000 km walk across Turkey, see his blog at:

I saw the interesting idea that Tristan Reid is doing to highlight his great fund-raising and media-rising trek for wildlife in Turkey and noticed a slither of Cyprus (!!!) below Anatolia (see below). Logos sporting maps of countries are very interesting and I share this here just to outline the sensitivity they may inspire.

I wrote:
Hey Tristan, did you get my message about slightly altering your Logo to remove that tiny slip showing "Northern Cyprus" (which is NOT part of Turkey-and may create severe resentment in the region...). I sincerely hope you will care about this; it is serious for us who work/live in Cyprus.

He wrote:
 Stamatis; the logo for my Turkish project was never meant to be political. I apologise for any offense caused by the inclusion of 'Northern Cyprus' within the logo. I am happy to remove the island section from my logo and hope that this action does not offend anyone! The aim of my project is a positive one, I aim to celebrate Turkey's amazing and globally significant wildlife to help raise awareness and hopefully inspire more people to want to look after it.

This is Tristan's logo before the change..
I wish Tristan good luck on this amazing "feet"! I am sure it will become really big news. I hope we can immitate this kind of athletic event elsewhere in our region. Thanks Tristan!

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