Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dikelas finds rare fish at Kalamitsi Karystos

May 9th 2013

This my friends is Trachipterus trachypterus, a species of Ribbonfish (Trachipteridae) also called the Peregrine Ribbonfish (according to Fishbase). In Greek it is known as Chartopsaro or Kordella.

It is not a Regalecus glasne (Oarfish) as I originally assumed ; I stand corrected! 

This tiny baby fish was found dying on Kalamitsi beach (Paximada Peninsula) in southern Euboea near Karystos by the Dikelas Dive Team today. It was alive, so it was born in nearby waters. It grows up to 3 m long and is described as a rare mesopelagic species. 

This is how Kyriakos describes the find:

"Είχαμε πάει Καλαμίτσι για κατάδυση. Μόλις είχαμε τελειώσει και αλλάζαμε, ενας από την ομάδα ήταν εκεί που σκάει το κύμα και το είδε παραλιγο να το πατήσει το είχε παρασύρει το κύμα τελείως έξω νομίσαμε ότι είναι μικρή κατσούλα αλλά τα πτερύγια από κάτω;;;; και το σχήμα κεφαλιού δεν μου ταίριαζε…. εμοιαζε για ψόφιο αλλα μολις το πηγα πιο μέσα κουνήθηκε λίγο."

Kyriakos took the two photos included in the e-mail to me. 

My friend Yannis Kapakos (HCMR) begun a bit of research on the status of the species in Greek waters; we'll get back to you about this BIG find!

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  1. Great find by the Dikelas Team! It is definitely a mesopelagic fish possibly in the Trachipteridae family. Karystos is a great dive destination and Dikelas Dive center is great!
    Cheers, Kostas from NYC