Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Campaign: Rafina River!

March 31st 2013

Biggish meeting at the Rafina High School auditorium for the "Natural Treasures of Rafina". Rafina is a small port on the east coast of Athens' Attika Peninsula. A big stream, the Megalo Rema of Rafina, has its river-mouth just south of the Harbour. We've been birding hard here since 1996, the HOS has this place high on the priority list for locally important protected area proposals. So generally many conservationists want to see the river and the river-mouth protected. The local NGO "The Nireas Association", organized a really big meeting for conservation back in April 2004, almost a rally of sorts - in favour for specific conservation initiatives along the coast - including the stream. Nothing important happened. Now, we participated in a second public meeting, it was good this time. Local authorities seem interested - especially after the catastrophic flood. A couple of days later, Ioannis Karaouzas (HCMR) and I were back walking the river surveying for flood damage, thinking up ideas for restoration proposals. Something good may happen this time.

Wow!! Like an estuary. But its just Rafina stream....

Rafina river mouth from a recent Google Earth image. 

After a little photo-shoping...Did you spot the difference? This last shot is a future desired state... Note the proposed changes: a) Car parking area sent back 20 m on L side of river. b) Right side of river made into shallower sloping area with marshes and pool (rocks that were set there removed). Thats all!!! It will change the place forever if it can be accepted as a restoration measure..

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