Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Join the Athens Bird Race on 13th April 2013

Mid April 2013

Bird racing is a not really a sport but it can be competitive, a great chance to participate in something where you really "study natural history". Its for fun! And this is difficult now-a-days. People are too busy, tied-down, overworked, economically depressed. Mobilizing yourself and a team of two others to get into a car and rally round the prefecture to find as many species as possible needs some inner motivation.

Why do we do it?

These are some quick thoughts:
  • It really is like hunting- the inner instinct of going for the trophy catch - bringing back memories.
  • Its also like "collecting" or even shopping(!!!) - you pay to find instances of pure natural splendour! 
  • It is successful in creating excitement in new in-comers to the hobby - you get to see dozens of new species and places alongside the experts.
  • You may even live a "peak-experience" in nature and these are especially important to new-comers.
  • Going on a trek with "meaning". Racing creates meaning: you are out there to find-record-understand-appreciate.
  • It lends attention to places - and many special places are threatened!
  • You become sociable - you see the competitors; you get to talk to them in the end of the day. 

If you want to know how it "feels" see a former article of mine:

This year as always many volunteers make the bird race possible; if you want to be a part of this please see the Hellenic Ornithological Society's site:

(The first "photo-collage" is from the USA, the Crossley ID Guide by Richard Crossley it is a new way of showing bird ID field marks and Jizz - fantastic work! In this case the Sharp-shinned Hawk is shown).

2011 Bird race at Tritsis Park, Athens, at around 7 pm in April. Everyone was exhausted!

From the  blogsite with a lot of  evidence that...its fun!!

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