Thursday, March 28, 2013

Environmental Education HCMR-style

28th March 2013

11th Grade (2nd Class Lyceum) kids came over from Rafina with their High School Biology Teacher Mr. Antonis Lazaris for some Environmental Education here at HCMR today. We talked about their river, the Rafina River- in class; and later went for a nature walk at HCMR headquarter's "backyard". The "HCMR Peninsula" is in full bloom and the sea-scape of the Saronic Gulf was idyllic! The veriety of native wildflowers on the dry rocky meadows amazing - many of the species are range-restricted and some are endemic to Southern Greece.  I took snap-shots while "teaching" and these are given below in chronological order. I am sure you'll agree we Athenians live in...Paradise!

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  1. Thank you so much for all.
    A great lesson in the class, a great lesson close to the sea.
    Persefony is coming again back.