Thursday, December 13, 2012

Meeting: IUCN FW KBAs Sarajevo BIH

Mid December 2012

Sometimes conservation workshops are world class! This one is: IUCN Freshwater Key Biodiversity Areas workshop for the "Mediterranean Balkans Hotspot". Anyone who knows a little about saving places, knows that the inventory and evaluation process is critical. So are boundaries- critical lines on maps. That is exactly what the IUCN Freshwater Biodiversity Unit is helping us do. Thanks to the organizers....Experts from Croatia, BIH, Germany, Spain, the UK and Greece are meeting here - and we are helping to draw catchment site boundaries, correcting really messed-up GIS model hydrosheds, arguing about species' distributions, thinking about what to do next.... 

The meeting could not take place at a more distinctive locale. A place divided by political boundary lines drawn in blood by civil war. One of the worst chapters of modern European history took place here. This is Bosnia & Herzegovina, near Sarajevo. In contrast to the recent past we are at peaceful mountain paradise.  We are based at a wonderful hotel, near the Olympic Ski Area of Jahorina - in a wintry, totally snowed-in landscape with temperatures dipping down to -12 in the morning! 

I thank my Greek colleagues Panayiota Maragou and Yannis Bazos for taking some of the following pics.

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