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Meetings: Pikrodaphne Stream Public Meeting

November 21st 2012

Once in a while we have a public audience. In this case at Agios Dimitrios City Hall. During the last few months my friend and co-worker at HCMR, Elias Dimitriou, has been heading a project to study and protect Pikrodaphne Stream. In this case the synergy is high, the local municipality of Agios Dimitrios is really involved, as are NGOs. The idea is to help save the urban stream from ridiculous and expensive plans to practically channelize it all with rip-rap and gabbion. The plans are being supported by the superior government at the level of the Periphery of Attika - so the conflict is not going to be easy.

In the pics below we see the Municipality's mayor Mrs. Maria Androutsou and her team hosting speakers from HCMR, Univ. Athens, Polytechnic of Athens, the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature, the Hellenic Ornithological Society and local environmentalists. What a gathering!

(Most of the photos that follow were taken by expert flash-photographer and behind-the-scenes hero, Aris Vidalis)

If you can read Greek have a look at Elias' project website:

At center, Ch.Belias with the Mayor (in red), a strong force for the Environment within the Municipality's initiative.

Ch. Anagnostou (HCMR) - Stream degradation and impacts on the Coastal Zone.

E. Dimitriou, S. Zogaris (HCMR) - taking questions.

A. Argyraki (Univ.Athens) - Geochemistry of Attika Basin Streams.

N. Mamasis (National Polytech.Athens) - Flood risk and mitigation with reference to the Philothei Stream.

E.Dimitriou (HCMR) - Results of a four month study of the Pikrodaphne Stream.

M. Theodorakopoulos (Intermunicipal Initiative for Pikrodaphne Stream) - Conservation history.

M. Tzali (Hellenic Ornithological Society) - Wetlands of Attika.

Ministry of Environment Representative (Green Fund) - Funding the Pikrodaphne initiative.

M. Androutsou (Mayor, Agios Dimitrios Municipality) - Introduction.

M. Androutsou (Mayor, Agios Dimitrios Municipality) - supporting the project and promising future participation.

Y. Karaouzas (HCMR) - Macrobenthos indicators and the urban stream syndrome. 

N. Petrou (Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature-HSPN) - a positive illustrated end-show.

N. Petrou (Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature-HSPN) - biodiversity in the city of Athens.

About 80 members of the public were present in the audience  - but they were interested.

E. Dimitriou (HCMR) - Thanking the Green Fund and the Municipalities for supporting the cause.

A beautiful photographic interpretive display at the City Hall , reads "Discovering Pikrodaphne". The same title was given to a wonderful book produced by HSPN for the Municipality (designed by A. Vidalis). The fascinating well-written and superbly illustrated account (96 pp.) was  launched on the day of this meeting also. 

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