Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Beasts of the Sea: A tuna in the Evvoikos Gulf

November 2012

And without the wildlife a wilderness seems totally dead. And what good is a mega-fish like a huge tuna? Why protect a fish? Should we factor in the utilitarian and ecosystemic values? Or should we go straight to our moral obligations to protect all wild living species? What value is a rarity to us - and this is RARE.... It is our lack of understanding and sensitivity that has caused a catastrophic population crash in the first place.....Finally, a photograph sensitizes: the beasts are still here! And the sea is our last wilderness....

In the southern Evvoikos Gulf just east of Athens. An anonymous photographer took the picture.  I have seen  various tuna species before - but most just caught in nets. Once I saw a very large one from the ferry. Is it because we do not see these beasts in the wild that we don't care for them?

This is the original frame. Could it be just luck - that you capture a tuna like this? Anyway I would like to ask the photographer to please come out and claim the photo - it was found by a friend of mine on the Internet. I know the location due to the scarred Attika landscape in the background.  

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