Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Techniques: Nature Blogging

Mike Pope is an South African expat living in Kuwait - his birding blog is a great example that should be followed by more naturalists.

Sept 11th 2012

E-Communication technology is said to bring the faraway close-up but to keep the close rather distant. I'll stand on the first aspect: blogs and birding. There are thousands of them - web log sites of "what I've seen", "what I've photographed", etc. These are particularly suited to show how naturalists take notes - to display their experiences....

Nature-recording blogs are very easy to do using blogspot and other such platforms. I highly recommend anyone using facebook or other social media create a blog. To post things and esp. photos in a more organized manner in a blog.

I will mention my experience with Mike Pope's blog in Kuwait. This is a simple blog by a great photographer and naturalist- it is such an elegant site - so simple and beautiful but also carefully tracking his pursuits and documenting wonderful experiences in nature. Of course the blog is really specific and focused on Kuwait. So part of its success is its focus and consistancy. Please have a look:


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