Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Chemical Athens

This is a natural history blog; I will not dwell on politics or economics. But the name of the journal justifies reference to this city. My only evidence is a friend's picture, it says a lot. On Sunday 12/2/2012 Athens burned again. A peaceful demonstration confronted Parliament; as has happened here before, there was no control or real interest in keeping peace. Riot police filled the air with tear gas. Tons of stenching chemicals. Everything stunk. Who would perpetrate such ridiculous chaos?  The result: criminal damage and destruction of some of the older 19th Century neo-classical buildings. I heard that 45 buildings were set on fire, 9 of them historic buildings. Over 170 businesses were damaged during the night. Was guarding the peace effective here? Most will remember the tear gas, the chemicals. 

Photo courtesy of Aris Vidalis who was out there, seeing the city burn; Sunday February 12 2012.

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