Friday, December 30, 2011

Experimenting with a blog

Do we try to live by images of our childhood heroes?

Why do kids love nature so much?
What do we do when we see a nature disaster?

This is a blog mainly set to display aspects of my personal experiences and discoveries in nature. Thinking openly about natural history, conservation eduction, travel, and various experiences out in nature. I'll try my best to make it sound like a 'Nature Journal'.

I live in Athens Greece with my family and work at one of Greece's most exciting public research centers, HCMR. I love to study nature - both terrestrial and aquatic worlds. And most of all I am fascinated by the interactions among aquatic, terrestrial and humankind. I have been working in the environmental movement since my early teens, both here, in Canada, and on various travels. Over the years, we make friends, expand ideas, develop inside, evolve. Deep inside I feel we must all contribute to better understand and protect the natural world- and conservation scientists are especially previllaged to be working towards this. Hopefully we can come closer together to leave a possitive mark on Earth.

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